Saturday, June 6, 2015

It's been a while.

I can't believe that it's been more than 2 years since my last entry here. I just randomly downloaded Blogger on my phone this morning. And since I have nothing to do right now, I decided to check it out. And Twitter's 140-character count just isn't enough for my rants.

So here I am... I'm just waiting for my uncle and his kids to get home, so I could use their car (since ours was sold weeks ago), and head to Clark Parade Grounds and go for a run. Yes, I've been into running since over a month ago. And I've been quite addicted to it ever since. Henryx and I have already joined 3 fun runs since our first one last May 10. Too bad there aren't any more scheduled in the next weeks/months. Anyway, I don't just run for just weight loss, I do it for my health. Because I've noticed that I easily get tired after running (at work), or after I climb a flight of stairs. What I like about running/jogging, is that it takes my mind off things. When I run, my only concern is how far I've gone (in terms of the color blocks at CDC Parade Grounds). Things that stress me out are flooded by the desire to run as farther and faster as I can.

What has happened over the last 2 years? Quite a lot, actually. I got hired as a staff nurse at Sacred Heart Medical Center and got assigned in my favorite area: Operating Room. I've travelled a few times, tried different things (wakeboarding, biking) and a lot more. 

But the most major thing that happened in my life?  Well, not just in my life -- in my family's life..... My Auntie Donna suffered cardiac arrest June of last year. It was a traumatic incident for me, because I was there when it happened. Sometimes, I get anxious when I think about it, especially when you see similar incidents at work or on TV shows/movies. Fortunately, she was revived. But now, she's bedridden. She wakes up every now and then, but she is not conscious or aware of the things around her. It's depressing, because we know that she doesn't want to be in this state. But we just can't let go of her. We're just thankful that her condition is stable right now. Our only wish is that she recovers soon, and that we'd be able to talk to her again. Even if we have to take care of her for the rest of our lives. Right now, we have private nurses taking care of her. I used to have my duty as one of her private nurses. I have my duty at home, when it's my day-off from work. But I asked my mom a couple of months ago if I can stop having my duty, because I've been physically, emotionally, and mentally drained from everything. I go to work 5 times a week. And depending on what my shift is, I drive my mom to work (3-11pm shift) and I go straight to her office after my 7am-3pm duties. When I have graveyard shift, I drive her to work when I get home in the morning, and pick her up at 5 or 6pm. Then I'm off to work (11pm-7am). In between, I buy medicines, help my mom with her errands, etc... See, I've got a lot of things going on; even some things that I can't share here.

So, my uncle just got home with the kids. And I might just be able to go to Clark. I've been stressed lately (especially toxic duties at the OR), and a run would be really helpful right now. I'll try to share photos next time. Bye for now! 😊

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Instamonth: JANUARY

Hello! I know it's too late for this, but I'm posting the photos anyway. I have been busy for the past few weeks. I had to complete work-related requirements. I'll be back on hospital duty soon, but we'll have a month of didactics first. And just last week, I finished 10 hours of driving school. Woot!

1. New Year's Eve with him ❤ |  2. Green for 2013| 3. Wedge Sneakers from Luxury Mall
4. Spent Jan. 1st with him and his family | 5-6. New Year's Eve food at home
7. Starbucks' planner (green one is mine) | 8. Mom's iPad mini | 9. Matching iPad cases with Mom

1. Arm candies from Pinkberriesxx | 2. My Papa, during his monthly checkup | 3. Rare decent picture with him
4. At Vape Station | 5. Missing my permed hair (circa 2011) | 6. At SAB Bistro
7. With my elementary friend, G-ann | 8. At New York Supreme | 9. J.Co donuts ❤

Would you believe that the 2nd month of 2013 is almost over? How fast time flies, eh? How are you doing so far? As I have said, I have been pretty busy over the past few weeks, but I'm not complaining. I am thankful for all the blessings I have received since the year started. And I am excited for the weeks or months to come. ❤

Monday, January 28, 2013

My Golden Globe Awards 2013 Top Picks

Awards season in Tinseltown have started weeks ago. The first of which is the Golden Globe Awards. And as much as I love watching who won, the awards season brings out the fashion lover in me as I watch the stars arrive on the red carpet. So here are my top 5 best-dressed during the Golden Globe Awards 2013.

1. KATE HUDSON - She wore a black deep-V Alexander McQueen gown. The gold details on her neck are gorgeous and that keyhole gives off a more classic/vintage vibe.

2. JESSICA ALBA - She wore a melon-hued strapless gown by Oscar de la Renta. I absolutely love her and her style. The gown gives justice to her curves. And to have that gorgeous bod after giving birth to 2 children? Come on!

3. JENNIFER GARNER - She wore a burgundy sequin gown by Vivienne Westwood Haute Couture. The color suits her perfectly. Always classy!

4. JENNIFER LOPEZ - Who could ever pull-off wearing a nude gown like this? Gotta give her credit for that! And this embroidered Zuhair Murad gown looks so good on her! Some may think that it leaves little to one's imagination, but I think it's an amazing look!

5. LEA MICHELE - This may be a little simple or toned-down compared to the ones she wore for other red carpet events, but doesn't she look lovely? Lea wore an embellished gown by Elie Saab, with a high neckline and a high slit. 

AMY ADAMS - She could have knocked out Lea Michele off my top 5, if only her gown had a little bit more color. Pale pink, perhaps? And I would have love her hair in a sleek bun. She should have ditched the crimped bangs.

If I made a top 10 best dressed list, the following could have been included: Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Marion Cotillard and Anne Hathaway. But this best-dressed list is totally based on my own opinion. If you have your own best-dressed list, do share the link below. Few more hours till the SAG Awards. I will be making another list then.